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The first album “TRIP” was recorded in our own studio in the evenings of 28/4 and 7-8/5, 2014. The impro sessions were about 60-90 minutes long. We’ve picked 10 takes from the sessions for the album. No cuts or editing afterwards.

Second album “Lost&Found” came out 2015-04-22. On this album we explore old school instruments: steel string guitars, zither, school organ. What differs the new album from our first album “Trip” is that we mix compositions with improvisations. The strange thing with the title “Lost&Found” is that it was lost in the layout!:-)

“Sand” and “Sans Sable” – music for dance. Nyman/Levin created music for new dance creations by swedish coreographer Joakim Stephenson.


Some of the guitars we played on the recording of Lost&Found


Control room in our studio


At work!









Control room in our studio






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