Oskarshamn 2016-02-19.

A vital thing for us as a duo is to meet music students and listen to what´s going on in their musical thinking. That´s really interesting and inspiring. We are happy if we can exchange ideas and communicate our experiences from our musical life. We´ve found that the best way is through living workshops.

The workshop has this form: We introduce ourselves and talk about different musical choices one has to make, not only playing improvised music, but in general. We discuss musical ideals and their history. We like, through the discussions, to open up for a more free way to make music and interpretations, also the role as a musician.

After a theoretical and aestethical introduction in the morning, the important practical lessons starts. The students are given a toolbox and a form as inspiration/limitation in order to create their own improvisations.

In february 2016 we got the opportunity to make a workshop at Oskarshamns Folkhögskola (Folk High School in southern Sweden). Through the link down under are improvisations/compositions created/improvised by the classical guitar students and the students in the afroamerican impro class.

We worked together with the new material through the afternoon and as as the Grand Finale the students made a concert for each other with the brand new compositions/improvisations. We were so impressed by the openness and creative solutions on the material we gave them. Hear the results after a one day workshop here:

Workshop at Oskarshamns Folkhögskola

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